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Thank you for so generously sharing your time and talent with the youth of Kansas City. As a result of your effort, the Children's Dental Clinic's visit was an overwhelming success, with 120 children in need experiencing healthier, happier lives...Thank you for helping us help the kids, and thank you for caring. Sincerely,Richard R. Garza, DDS

Words cannot begin to describe the changes you made to my life. I remember my first visit to you a little over a year ago, I was so impressed by your caring attitude and calm demeanor. I was a patient in need of a complete dental restoration due to a car accident I had over 30 years ago. You were the first dentist who really offered me hope and made me feel like I could do this. My dream came true and after dental implant surgery and many dentist visits. Last week you installed my forever teeth. They look beautiful! You improved my smile, my speech, and my ability to eat. My family, friends, coworkers are amazed at the change. The technicians at Technical Crown and Bridge did an awesome job. Your office staff has been so kind to me in scheduling convenient appts. and cheering me on. Dr. Careswell, don't ever take for granted your skill, gentleness, and creativity. I feel blessed to have found my way into your office. Your patient, J.G.

We want to express to you the deep gratitude of the American Dental Association and the Council on ADA Sessions and International Programs fro the professional and enthusiastic job you did during the scientific session as a member of the committee on Local Arrangelments for the 142nd Annual Session of the American Dental Association in Kansas City...Sincerely,David Fulton, DDSStanley Hite, DDS

I just saw your patient, Debra and her son, Mickey. Just wanted you to know that they really think you are great, both as a person and a dentist.-referring orthodontist

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to observe you last week. Visiting with a young, female dentist was very encouraging. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your generousity. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and expain procedures. You have a very kind and reassuring demeanor- no wonder I have heard such great things about you! I can honestly tell you that I enjoy sending patients your way because I know they will be getting wonderful dentistry. Thank you for everything!-referring orthodontist Thank you for such a positive "tooth" experience at your office. Your staff is so very kind, gentle and caring. My whole family is thankful for our dentistry move to your office we all send you a big 'ol hug!-Shawna (patient) Thanks for your great care with the kids! You made Hannah's first trip to the dentist a pleasure! Thanks especially for your patience.-Steve and Kelly (patients) Thank you for taking care of my teeth. They were really hurting me. Now I'm not afraid to go to the dentist.-Traci (young patient) Thanks to Dr. Careswell and staff for being so kind to me!-Frank (patient) Thank you for all the hard work you've put into my "crazy" mouth. I appreciate the great care and extra mile that you have given me...-Earl (patient) Thanks so much for all the TLC you give to the whole family and especially Matthew. His tooth looks great and I really appreciate your thoughtful consideration before deciding on your course of action.You are a great dentist and you have wonderful people working with you. Going to the dentist is not a nightmare, in fact, it is now a very pleasant experience. Thanks for everything!-Anne and Doug (patients) Thank you for so generously volunteering you time during Westview's health fair. If not for your professional dedication, many students would not have dental screenings at all. Westview PTA's theme this year is "Uniting for our Children", and I think you and your staff are the embodiment of this theme. Thank you,Westview Health Room Staff I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful and generous donation of the toothpaste for our character education project. It was a great success and hopefully our kids will be able to apply the lesson to everyday life.-Mason Elementary Kids Country You're such a 'first-class' lady and a wonderful dentist. Your staff are all just great, too! Thank you for making me feel so comfortable.Sincerely,Mary (patient) On behalf of Westview PTA, I want to thank you for donating to our welcoming bags. As this is the first year for this program, we are anticipating great reviews from our new families in our school. We appreciate you being our Partner in Education.-NancyWelcoming Chair, Westview PTA Thanks so much for your continuous caring attitude for me thanks for scheduling me so quickly and taking such good care of me. You all are the best and I tell everyone how happy I am with your office!Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Another big shout out....These beautiful birthday smiles are brought to you by Dr. Holli Weaver Careswell! These photos would have been very different without her amazing work just two days ago!

Dr. Kallsnick, I want to thank you for all the dental care you have given me. I can never repay all you have done and continue to do for me. Thank you so very much. You made it possible to give me my smile back. Thank you a million times! -patient